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Heather Klassen
Heather Klassen2 days ago
Quote from the Fairmont Sentinel newspaper "... Heather Klassen, a Democrat from the Jackson area, has run an impressive, energetic campaign, and she demonstrates a command of the issues. She would be a good advocate for the area in St. Paul ..."

This quote came in an editorial endorsing my 12-term opponent. The Fairmont Sentinel is an extremely conservative, heavily right-leaning newspaper. I consider their quote an honor - an endorsement in itself - in that they are acknowledging the good work we have done over the past 18 months. We have run a positive, energetic campaign focused on listening to everyone. The Sentinel didn't have to say anything about me at all, but they did. We are reaching people. We will win with a positive, forward-thinking message.
Heather Klassen
Heather Klassen3 days ago
Ok people - 17 days to Election Day. We could use some help with phone banking. You could help us tremendously by making phone calls from the comfort of your home, simply reminding supporters to vote. We send you a link/list. ANYONE can do this, even if you don’t live in my district. Send me a message with your email address if you can help!
Heather Klassen
Heather Klassen4 days ago
I'm particularly proud to be endorsed by the Minnesota Nurse's Association. Health care is my passion and number one priority, and I'm happy that they share my vision for improving health care in Minnesota. We cannot go backwards. The days of junk plans with low lifetime limits and pre-existing condition exclusions are over. We believe that health care is a right and not a privilege, and I will fight for health care that is affordable and accessible for all Minnesotans. Make your voices heard - vote for me in November if you care about the future of health care.
Heather Klassen
Heather Klassen1 week ago
In the past 7 days, we have completely door knocked the towns of Easton, Delavan, Winnebago and Dunnell. We’ve also knocked several hundred doors in Fairmont and Trimont (this is our second pass through Trimont). One dog bite and one trip and fall in a hole buried in leaves for this gal. Yet we persist! This photo was taken in Dunnell - we are rural MN here in district 23A. Thanks to my mom for joining me 😊. Back to Fairmont tomorrow!
Heather Klassen
Heather Klassen2 weeks ago
If anyone has damaged or missing lawn signs from the recent weather, please let me know and I'll happily replace them!
Heather Klassen
Heather Klassen2 weeks ago
Due to the rain forecast for this afternoon, we are canceling our knock in Fairmont. Please join us next week!